Jian Shen, MD, PhD to present to The Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Annual Forum

Jian Shen, MD, PhD to present to The Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Annual Forum

Latham, NY… Jian Shen, MD, PhD, will be presenting to the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS), 2023 Annual Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 5-7, 2023.  Dr. Shen, a pioneer in endoscopic spine surgery, is presenting his findings about endoscopic spine surgery to surgeons gathered from around the globe. SMISS is a society run by surgeons focused on advancing the care of spine patients using minimally invasive techniques without sacrificing outcomes. “The mission of SMISS is very important to me.  I share their vision of exceptional patient care using the least invasive means possible. Moreover, I am committed to teaching the next generation of surgeons the benefits of endoscopic spine surgery,” said Shen.

Dr. Shen has amassed a huge body of work, having recently completed 5,000 endoscopic spine surgeries. “Dr. Shen is a passionate advocate for endoscopic spine surgery. I have no doubt his presentation will benefit physicians hoping to learn from his care model,” explained Cheryl McGrattan, spokesperson for Shen Spine. She added, “As a world leader in the field, he is willing to share his technique with other surgeons. That is very rare. But his ultimate hope is that that more patients can benefit from endoscopic spine surgery.”

Dr. Shen has presented to SMISS every year since 2012.  Throughout the years, Dr. Shen has served a pivotal role, helping to shape education and training for new surgeons. Doctors who attend can secure Continuing Medical Education credits, a process by which health professionals engage in education designed to support their professional development.  

SMISS is known to be a conference where surgeons can “learn, collaborate and advance their knowledge and skill set amongst the world’s leaders in the field.”

“I am grateful to the organizers of SMISS, the physicians attending and presenting, and the sponsors supporting the conference,” said Shen. He continued, “SMISS’s commitment to advancing the field of Endoscopic Spine Surgery will benefit patients all over the globe.”

Dr. Shen also serves as one of the Lab Directors for the SMISS Annual Forum. He concluded, “Endoscopic spine surgery is state-of-the-art, and will soon become the gold standard for spine pain.”

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